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Soulburn Studios Art Gallery
Soulburn Studios
3DS Max Plugin for Polygon Reduction
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RFW Web Radio Guide - International, world, stations, shows, programs, concerts, live events, news, and sports 24 hours/day!
news links-DRUDGE REPORT®
Just For Fun...lots of links
Southwestern Archaeology (SWA)
What's New With NCSA Mosaic: Archives for July 1995


3D Modelling stuff

meshes online

3D Forest - 3D Models of Trees and Shrubs
3d bank
3D CAFE by Platinum Pictures Multimedia, Inc.
Riddle of the Sphinx!
Complete Sphinx 3D Relics Shapes Listing
Viewpoint DataLabs: Worldwide Leader in 3D Digital Content, Creation and Publishing
Viewpoint DataLabs
Free 3D objects, textures, and web art. Graphic artists' job resources, tips, message board, and plugins!  Dreams and Magic - A hot new resource for 3d graphic and web artists!


Home-books on comp animation
review of 3d books
Animator's Booklist A Glance: Animating Facial Features and Expressions A Glance: Storyboarding for Film, TV, and Animation
"The Computer Graphics Industry Reference"

Max Stuff Home Page
Main Frame
Spicy Cricket Animation -- Introduction to Website
Spicy Cricket Animation-Character Animation Exercises
Thunderbird's Computer Artwork
Steve Hwan's Home Page
loonygames' Thinking Outside the Box
San Francisco 3D Studio User's Group
Jackal - alias in action
Welcome Home to Digimation
Welcome to EffectWare's Home Page! - Main
Viper´s Homapage
rs3 Digital Images
Craig Nelson's Bookmarks


RWS/Art/Winsor McCay
Dream of the Rarebit Fiend (1906)
alien head spin
DOWNLOAD.COM -- List of Animation
Web Animation
Stay Tooned :: Filmography
Mouth Shapes

animal refs

Shambala's Patrick Liger
Electronic Zoo / NetVet Veterinary Resources - Animal Images
The Gorilla Foundation
R. W. Scott "Birds in Flight" All photos (C) 1997, 1998 Gregory J. Scott and/or Ralph W. Scott
NOVA Online | Crocodiles
CNN - How fast can YOU swim when chased by a crocodile? - October 9, 1998
Bone Clones - Resin Replicas Animal Skulls
Skulls Unlimited, Inc., International
The Bone Room
Oregon Dragonfly and Damselfly Survey WWW Links Page
breeders ratite ostrich emu rhea llama boer goats exotics
Electronic Zoo/NetVet - Animal Image Collection Page
How Birds Fly - Raven
NetVet/Electronic Zoo Animal Information & Archives Home Page
ZooNet Image Archives

Art references

Exploring Image Collections on the Internet

Technical refs

Conservation DistList Archive by subject
Visual Arts

Cat's Cradle refs

Knots on the Web (Peter Suber)
World-Wide Webs
an assortment of string figures and info

non 3d art programs

Adobe Systems Incorporated
Photoshop 5 issues
painter 3d


Classic artists

Alphonse Mucha Page
Art Deco Erte+Mucha
Arthur Rackham page
Featured Artists
Paperback Cover Art Illustration Display
WebMuseum: Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)
William Morris Page
Yoshitoshi Ukiyo-e Web Gallery

Wildlife artists

World Wide Art Presents: Robert Bateman
World Wide Art Presents: Carl Brenders
Paintings of John Seerey-Lester
World Wide Art Presents: Terry Isaac
World Wide Art Presents: Wilhelm J. Goebel
World Wide Art Presents: Al Agnew
World Wide Art Presents: Greg Alexander
World Wide Art Presents: John Banovich

artists -Pros


The Janny Wurts and Don Maitz Official Webpage
The Don Maitz Official Webpage
Stolen Fantasy Art by Don Maitz and Janny Wurtz


Michael Kaluta
The Michael Wm. Kaluta Gallery
Index for directory ./Fantasy/Kaluta


Worlds of Wonder
Glass Onion Graphics
Mill Pond Press presents Michael Whelan


Hellboy: A Plague of Frogs, Mummies by Mike Mignola
ALZ's Hellboy
Hellboy: World's Greatest Paranormal Investigator

You Have Arrived In VONSHOLLYWOOD /
Fellwalker Profolio
Joe Tucciarone's space art gallery
The Artist: Thomas Blackshear II
David A. Cherry!
Welcome to the only official WebSite of swiss surrealist H.R.Giger
The Authorized Syd Mead Site
the Dan PIRARO Home Page
David B. Mattingly home page
Denis Loubet's Home Page
The Vaughn Bode Site Online store of fantasy art by Mark Ferrari

Dinotopia: The Official Website
Welcome to Michael Carroll's SpaceArt!
Mike's Stateroom
The Thing Outside
The SF Site: Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists Links
Illustrator Biographies
Heinrich Kley Biography
Escher Tile Gallery
The Dragon's Eyrie, Mark Jones, Rubicon. DAggerfall, Darkmere, Skynet, Morrowind,
Toy's Illustrations Gallery
Elfwood fantasy art gallery
Louis Agassiz Fuertes
Dark Side of the Web: Dark Art and Images
Albert Moy Original Art
Tony DiTerlizzi
Brian Yoder's Art Gallery and Critic's Corner
Fantasy Artist Links
Heresy: Kingdom Come Artist Bios
Black Cat Studios
Welcome to my place on the Web!
The art of Michael Weaver


fineArt forum resource directory
BodyBitz - body part moulding kit
Home Page
The Sculpture Center
ValleyBronze of Oregon

Stock photography sites

Amargi Hillier - Egypt Digital Photo Archives - Olympus 600 DL
CalPhotos: UC Berkeley Digital Library Photo Collection
Photo 24 Categories
Free GIFs -- Architectural Ornamentation From Around the World
List of Bay Area Photo VR Scenes by erik goetze
Stock Solution's Photo Site of the Week
fineart forum: resource directory
Concept Images "Portfolios of Stunning Photography"
figure stock photos
PHOTOVAULT-Loving Images about the Great Mystery
Splash Page #2
Stock Images, Photography and Miscellaneous Photo Sources LINKS
The Stock Solution - Photography Categories
West Stock's Muse Online Photography

Texture refs

Public Textures
Blade's TNT Preview
Stone's Free Mac Programs
Human textures on
OZONE: Images Index
Truman Brown's Texture Woild :: Textures
Totally Tessellated
AndyArt - Free animated gifs, backgrounds, buttons, Photoshop tips, Illustrator tutorials, HTML tips, graphic tips, web design secrets & more!
ECLECTIC ARTISTRY - GRAPHIC ART - Animation, web graphics, backgrounds, fonts, free graphics, graphic design
Background and Texture Archive - All Backgrounds and Textures Are Free
"TextureORB" - 3d Texture & Image Library
Fischer West Factory
CGSD's RealTexture Library
JZ Presents Disturbing Patterns
Texture Land
p o l y c o u n t
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art
pencil page
The Assyro-Babylonian Mythology FAQ
JPEG image 1280x960 pixels
PBS - History
Applied Entomology, Lecture 7, Entognatha through Blattaria
Origins of American Animation, 1900-1921
Index of /public/freestuff/textures
Welcome to Artbeats: Leader in Digital Stock Footage!
Research Institute for the Humanities - Reference
NRP Gotcha 01
Art Center - Artists Resource
eXOTIC BLENd - Art/Gallery
NYSBS - Bibliography of natural history illustration
Browse / Compile
Index of /vcl/Artists
WS Online
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Linda Hall Library
Acses, the Ultimate Comparison Shopping Engine - Compare prices from online shops!
Coming Attractions
Lumendorm: Stop! Having to go to bed--Start! Lumendorming instead
NPR's Talk of the Nation