Studies from Betty's Sketchbooks

An Early Foray into Computer Graphics -
Deerhound, early 1980's

This was done on a MacSE with MacCalligraphy

Old Logo

An earlier form of the Flying Goat Logo.

Eye-saur, early sketch, 1988

Betty did a series of Eye-saurs -
Dinosaurs with bad taste!

Dano-saur study, 1988

One of the "Eye-Saurs" -
remember "Dano" from Hawaii 5-0?

Dragon Head Sketch, 1983

Resting Dragon Study, 1982

Betty loved Dragons

Cteev Playing Harmonica in the Nude, sketch, 1983

Cteev appears often in Betty's sketches.

Dancing Dragon Study, 1983

Kevin, 1/21/1984

Kevin was Betty's first husband.

Nefertiti sketch, 1987

Potato & Frog Leg, sketch, 1983

Flying Goat Study, 1983

This eventually became her Logo.

Huggs, 1/4/90

Huggs was Betty's dog and faithful companion.

Mark - 8/2/89

Mark was her parents' dog.

Your Table is Ready, Study, 1984

Seal Warriors, study, 1984

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