Rites of Conquest from the Khellye Frieze

Betty really liked Kelly Freas' work, and communicated with him regularly, considering him her mentor.
She did a series of paintings, honoring him with the series' name "Khellye Frieze".

Einstein, 1981

Betty painted this as a gift to her dad.

Self-portrait, 2000

Bat Barn, 2000

Betty was very ative in bat conservation.

Computer Worm

Betty's husband Michael working at his computer.
Thanks to "Itieu" for reworking this image
from a very bad photograph!

Great Balls of Fire!

Proposed Baycon Poster, 1987

T Rex (sculpture)

Betty won Best In Show
at the IPMS convention with this!

Jik, 2000

Jik [detail]

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