FIRE TEAM ROGUE SNES manual comicbook pages

Somehow this is more appropriate now than it was when we were doing the game and the associated comic book at Accolade.

Fire Team Rogue was the very first video game I ever worked on.  I designed most of the characters and ended up as the lead artist on the project .

It was for Sega Genesis and the SNES.   The SNES package would have had a 15 page comic book in it to tell the story of the game-this is the splash page

Accompaning it was a 4 issue comic series initally written by Frank Cirocco and drawn by Brent Anderson but eventually replaced by the team of (writer) Scott Jenkins, (penciller) Dante Fuget, (inker)  Dave Grey, (letterer) Kevin Cunningham, and (colorist) me.

We had pewter miniatures made of the characters, a toy line was discussed, as well as a tv show.  We even had a whiz bang  4 foot tall animating color free standing  hologram created as a promotional gimmick.  The game went on tour around the US with the Electronic Games Monthly Mall Tour.

After working on this for 2 years  it was cancelled on the day it was completed.  These things happen

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