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This comic was part 1 of  a 3 issue series telling the origin of the characters in the game.
It was written by Scott Jenkins, pencilled by Dante Fuget, inked by Dave Grey, lettered by Kevin Cunningham
and originally colored by the most incompetant color house I ever laid eyes on
(who shall remain nameless).

I pulled the pages we recieved from the coloring house down to the CMYK black channel
in Photoshop and then went back in with all new colors on top of that.
(This isn't the best way to get rid of bad Kai, let me tell you.)
Let those pages stand as HOW NOT TO COLOR A COMIC BOOK (marked with an asterix*)
In particular watch for the flagrant overuse of Kai's Powertools, the complete lack of depth,
no lighting, no modelling of forms, bad character color (Tria's hair is unmistakenly purple-they do it white),
coloring outside the lines (they color pupils with a smear), losing characters into background color,
and yucky color choice all around.
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